pink blooms about to open on Spotted Joe Pye, Eutrochium maculatum

Spotted Joe Pye (Eutrochium maculatum)

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Spotted Joe Pye (Eutrochium maculatum)


Bloom Colour: pink/purple

Blooms: July-Sept

Height: 4-6 feet

Light: Sun, part shade

Soil: moist to wet

Water Use: Medium

Hardiness Zone 3-7  (click here to find your plant hardiness zone)

Spotted Joe Pye has sweet smelling blooms that attract: Butterflies and other pollinators

It grows in wet prairies or meadows, ditches and wet, open woodlands so will do well in wet or irrigated gardens. It can grow tall so does well in behind shorter plants, along a fence line for some seasonal privacy or against a building.  Showy flowers have a sweet, honey-like fragrance.