About Us

Our Goal

We are a small, native plant nursery in the heart of Grey County, Ontario

Our goal is to help you create a beautiful garden that brings you joy without having to work too hard!  Gardens can be a peaceful escape, a place to relax, be creative, and also a way to give back to our environment.  Nurturing a garden that feeds pollinators, birds and animals not only creates a beautiful haven for you to enjoy, but it is also an opportunity to strengthen and support an ecosystem that is under increasing pressure from habitat loss, climate change and the use of chemical pesticides and other industrial pollutants.
You can make a beautiful difference, at a time when it has never been more important.  And we can help!

Our Plants

Our selection of native plants have been carefully chosen for their beauty, low maintenance, and the special value they bring to native pollinators and beneficial insects.​

Ontario native plants have lived in this part of the world over thousands of years, and have developed complex, collaborative and reciprocal relationships with their environment.
The relationships between native plants, insects and other organisms are part of an intricate web of connections that support life on earth.
By planting native plants, we are helping to strengthen this web.

Our plants reflect the ancient beauty of this province and help to preserve the diversity of plants and animals that keep our ecosystem strong and in balance.

Our Commitment

We are working hard to support a community of healthy and happy organisms which includes our plants, soil, insects, birds, animals and of course you and your family!  We are always striving to improve our business practices to lighten our environmental footprint and show respect to the plants that we nurture.

We source our seeds as locally as possible and if we harvest from the wild we do so very carefully and follow the guidance provided by the Society for Ecological Restoration.

Our plants provide food and habitat for birds, animals and insects that keep our ecosystem in balance - so we only use organic potting soils and fertilizers, and no chemical pesticides. And we sell our plants in biodegradable, plastic-free pots.  Whenever possible we strive to not use plastics and we reuse, return or recycle any materials that are not biodegradable.

Contact Us

Phone: 647-465-7829 (text preferred)
Email: info@lacewing.ca
Facebook: www.facebook.com/LacewingPlants
Instagram: @lacewing_plants