Nursery News – Spring 2021

Lacewing in the Community
This spring we have had the great pleasure of working with two inspiring local organizations!
Pollinate Collingwood began in 2020 as a resident-led initiative to create pollinator habitat in Collingwood.  The group has planted 15 gardens around Collingwood and has provided native plants to local schools to build their own pollinator gardens.  We are honoured to have our plants be among those that will thrive in Collingwood this year and for years to come.
Meaford Bee and Butterfly initiative garden with Lacewing plants
Pollinate Collingwood garden with Lacewing plants

 Transition Meaford is Meaford's branch of the global Transition Town movement. Their mission is "to build thriving communities with healthy people and a healthy environment, social equality and vibrant, diverse and dynamic economies." What a great legacy to create pollinator gardens across Meaford and nearby communities. We are so glad to see our plants contributing to this community-led effort. 

Happy Solstice

Summer is here! And as the seasons move along, so do we! At the end of this month we will be fully moved into our summer home in Eugenia, Ontario!  We are so grateful to have had a space at Grey Heron Garden Centre over the winter and spring to germinate thousands of native seeds and raise our plants into the flowering beauties they are becoming!  And inevitably, we have outgrown our outdoor space at the garden centre. So as of July 1st we will no longer offer pick-up at Grey Heron Garden Centre.  But not to worry! We will have TWO pick-up locations for online orders: Fiddlehead Nursery (Thurs – Sunday 10am-5pm) and the Flying Chestnut Kitchen Backyard market (Thursdays 4-7pm). 

Lacewing plants at Flying Chestnut Kitchen market

 Lacewing plants at Fiddlehead nursery in early spring

For those who prefer to shop in-person, a selection of our plants are available for purchase in-person at Fiddlehead Nursery (Thurs – Sunday 10am-5pm) and Sideroad Farm (Thurs-Fri 10am-6pm; Sat 10am-4pm).

Yarrow for sale at Sideroad Farm


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