Happy Pollinator Week 2021!

June 21 – 27 is pollinator week!

This international celebration of pollinators and pollinator health is an opportunity and a reminder to take a moment and celebrate the role that pollinators play in our world. 

Over the last few years there has been increasing interest in, and efforts toward protecting pollinators. This interest comes in response to research showing significant declines in pollinator and other insect populations around the world. In 2019, an article published in the journal Biological Conservation outlined research showing that over 40% of insect species are threatened with extinction, including butterflies, bees, wasps and many more. The study pointed to habitat loss as the main cause of these declines, but chemical pesticides, invasive species and climate change are also key factors.

Insects are a vital part of our ecosystem. They play a complicated and critical role in keeping our ecosystems in balance, which ensures that we and all other species can survive and thrive. Their decline is part of a much larger decline in biodiversity around the globe that leaves us with a need to take action and care for these and other species that help sustain us.  One thing we can do is help to rebuild the habitat that pollinators and other beneficial insects need by planting native species. By nurturing each of our own small corners of the world we can create meaningful and beautiful spaces in our communities. And little by little we can support our pollinators and bring back the biodiversity that is becoming so threatened.

So, let’s celebrate! From June 21-27, we will be offering one free native plant with every purchase from our online store.  Use the code POLLWEEK at checkout.

smooth oxeye, Heliopsis helianthoides


Planting native species to provide food and shelter for pollinators is an excellent way to celebrate pollinator week. Other ways to participate include attending local events to learn more about pollinators, or sharing photos and stories of pollinators in your own garden. We’d love to hear how you are celebrating pollinator week. Please share your story with us by tagging us (@lacewing_plants) on instagram or posting on our Facebook page

You can also check out Pollinator Partnership for a map of events near you.

Happy Pollinator Week!



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