Fall Planting Season is Here!

Planting in the fall?? You bet!

New england asters and calico asters

Fall can be the best time for planting perennials- both for the plants and for the gardener - here's why:

1. The soil is still warm from summer heat (warmer than in the spring!) which means faster growing roots AND the roots will continue to grow up until the ground freezes solid. This means bigger, more vigorous plants in the spring!
Even when the frost comes and kills the top of the plant, roots can still continue to grow underground as long as the soil is above freezing temperature!
bumble bee on purple giant hyssop,  Agastache scrophulariifolia
2. In the fall you can see all the plants in your garden, see where the gaps may be or what you'd like to change, and easily visualize the new plants you'd like to add.
 3. Cool fall air and fewer  bugs are always pleasant for the gardener! 😎
 4. Plants often need less watering in the fall with the lower air temperatures, shorter days and more frequent rain.
 5. There is less competition from weeds in the fall...if you've done a good job of keeping them at bay throughout the summer, or have a chance to get rid of them in the fall, they won't grow back so quickly to choke out your new seedlings.
solidago goldenrod at the edge of a field
 6. Planting in the fall gives you a jump on gardening and saves you time in the spring!

And here's a hot tip:  add some mulch! Once the ground has frozen the mulch will help prevent it from thawing at the surface on warmer days- this will protect those new fall plantings and keep them from being pushed up out of the ground by frost.

Happy fall gardening!

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