Action Begins in the Garden

We are used to hearing bad news about our environment. Climate change, pollution, environmental destruction, and the human rights and health impacts that follow. This news is heavy and frequently made worse by knowing that the hobbies, habits and lifestyles we enjoy often contribute to many of these problems.

But what if the things that bring us joy (like gardening!) could also become part of a solution – a way to give back and make a difference?

Let’s look at biodiversity. In very simple terms, biodiversity refers to the number of different species in an ecosystem – plants, insects, animals, fungi, bacteria – the more variety the better!  Why? Because the more diversity there is, the more an ecosystem can change and adapt when the weather, or climate, or invasive species, or people create unexpected or devastating disturbances.

But we are in a biodiversity crisis. Many species are declining and becoming extinct around the world. This year we have seen incredible changes: heat waves, flooding, tornadoes and other events that are making us pay attention.  And there will be more to come. That’s why it’s so important that we do what we can, right now, where we are.

One thing we can do is foster and care for the places where we live.  We can get involved in local decision making to influence careful development of our towns and cities so that wild spaces are preserved.

We can also speak out about other decisions that are harming plants and animals in our environments and putting biodiversity at risk. Did you know that this spring Health Canada proposed changes to their regulations that would allow increased commercial use of some pesticides and herbicides?  Some of these chemicals are known to be threatening pollinators and beneficial insects. Environmental groups have been speaking out, calling for a ban on toxic pesticides and creating ways for people to add their own voices to this conversation.

Smooth oxeye, Heliopsis helianthoides


We know that so often change comes incrementally and from the ground up…in some cases literally! So, we are speaking out too, writing to our government officials to let them know our concerns. We care A LOT about protecting biodiversity. In fact, at Lacewing Plants and Seedlings, all of our plants are carefully curated to be sure that they offer special benefits to native pollinators and beneficial insects. And some of the insects that our plants feed are already listed as species of concern or endangered species.

We can all start to create the change we want to see in our own backyards. And we want to help you do it!  So, we’ve created a Lacewing perennial combo pack called the Garden Protector Pack!

Lacewing Plants garden protector pack includes wildflowers that attract beneficial insects

The Garden Protector Pack is made up of our top plants that act as magnets for beneficial insects who help take care of garden pests. And they are beautiful too! So you won’t need to use chemicals, or work so hard and you’ll save 13% on the cost of the plants!

monarch caterpillar feeding on Asclepias incarnata, pink milkweed


Together we can build something beautiful.



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