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yellow bloom cluster of showy goldenrod, Solidago speciosa

Showy Goldenrod (Solidago speciosa)

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Showy Goldenrod (Solidago speciosa)


Bloom Colour: Yellow

Blooms: Sept-Oct

Height: 3-5 feet

Light: Sun, part shade

Soil: Dry, various types of soil including sandy loam, or sandy clay loam

Hardiness Zone: 3-8 (click here to find your plant hardiness zone)

Showy Goldenrod is more rare than other goldenrods and has been listed as endangered in the wild.  Contrary to popular myth, goldenrod does not cause allergies. Their pollen is too heavy to float in the air!  (Plants like ragweed are the culprits!)


Showy Goldenrod attracts: native bees, honey bees and beneficial insects that protect your garden from insect pests.